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Spiritual Semi-Precious Jewelry - Blue Jade Necklaces

Wearing crystal jewelry can help with energy transfer.Stones are amazing, vibrant and alive! Their energy can change your vibration. The jewelry from the Gaia collection were all inspired by nature and the four elements believed to be essential to life.

Influenced by the element of water, which represent your emotions the long Jade necklace was created to wear as a personal empowering talisman. The silver hematite beads combined with white jades make this necklace versatile, easy to wear and a perfect addition to express your personal style.


The color blue can help

  1. improve self expression
  2. boost your confidence
  3. promote a higher level of intuition. 

Our beautiful jade adornments like the choker above hold energy that can help your overall well being. If you are drawn to them, use these teal details as reminders to look within yourself and discover your hidden needs. Dive deep, let your emotions be free. Express yourself in a loving and confident way. Follow your intuition. 

Layer these with short simple chain necklace like the abalone shell pendant , reminiscent of the deep blue sea and fun voyage around the world.


You can also wear these long beautiful agate pendant with striking ocean tones to feel calmer and more confident.

 Your positive energy and intention can truly transform your reality. 

Find what other element speaks to you, discover the other jewelry from the Gaia Collection or join the tribe and sign up to learn more.

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