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Spiritual Crystal Jewelry - Green Jade Necklace

Wearing crystal healing jewelry can help with focus and energy transfer. Everything, including stones, store energy which can be received through your system. 


For the Gaia jewelry collection, I was inspired to dig a little deeper and set a truly unique intention for each main necklace. Each jewelry color was inspired by a natural element and I believe elements can help you reconnect with your source, your true self.

When you are attracted to certain things in your life, there is usually always a reason and simple things like scents or color can really influence your emotions, your brain and therefore your life. So let's begin, the element of earth.

The intention behind the Green Jade Necklaces was to have you feel more grounded. You need strong roots, solid foundation for your dream to grow into reality. Let the earth element restore your stability, go in nature and sit under a tree. The color green can also help you feel revived, renewed and help bring you good fortune.

Small things in your daily life can help. But your positive energy and intention are very important and can transform your reality. The Green Jade necklaces were made to help you remember to start each day on a positive note.

Make it yours now or discover the Emerald Green Choker Necklace.

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