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Behind the Design: Our Spring Collection Inspired by Doreen Virtue

New stones. New styles. Fresh Styles for Spring!

I have been a fan of Doreen Virtue for a while now and for the New Gaia Collection, I was highly inspired by her Angel Tarot Cards. It's full of cards with images of angels, mermaids, unicorns and fairies. Designed to be gentle, safe and trustworthy. It's a simple and very easy to use introduction to tarot cards. In her cards, each element (Earth, Water, Fire and Air) is represented by a color. These cards truly moved me and were the essence I used to create the new line with a color associated to each element.
    • The base of all is the Earth: emerald green
    • Our emotions are ruled by Water: deep blue
    • Life's passions are enhanced with the element of Fire: golden yellow
    • Our spirituality, the unseen is pure as Air; deep mauve.

    Just like in the Chakra stones as you may know, color is truly important. The most essential feature of the Gaia collection is that it was created with the intention that when you wear each piece you can understand the signification of each element. Of course you can always wear the jewelry only for their beauty and the aesthetic as they have been designed in such a way that nobody other than you will know that these are your special amulets. But, the intention behind each set is to achieve balance and to benefit from the positive effects.

    Beautiful, personal, gentle reminders of your divine energy and meant to help you raise your vibration and achieve the alignment you are seeking.These wearable pieces of art are not only effortlessly chic, the perfect addition to your boho ensemble but, the intention set in each assortment can add a high boost and help brighten your day! 
    Beauty in the details

    I also had to find a very special stone to give life to the jewelry. Jade has been used in Asia since 5000 B.C. it is known to symbolize the five virtue : wisdom, justice, compassion, modesty and courage. The many benefits and praises of this gem clearly made it the perfect semi-precious stone to highlight the Spring/Summer collection. Agates, as well as shells were use to enhance the beauty of the creations.
    Stay tuned as more details about each color will be revealed in the next few weeks.
    Can't wait? Discover the New Gaia Collection now!


    This collection was shot by Montreal based photographer Marie-Eve Rose and is featuring Rosemarie and Beatrice from Illicit Model agency.

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