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If you're not already on Instagram you don't know what you're missing, get on it now! And if you haven't been following me on IG here's a little recap of the recent bloggers I had the chance to collaborate with.
If you want to follow them, which I think you really should, click on the links below their pictures.

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What 1st caught my eye about Erin's Instagram feed is the grey scale soft pattern but, this Canadian rockstar is also a braid guru as you can see her hair is always flawless and to die for. Erin rocked this set for Valentine's day ,a young and fresh look. Bold Romantics you will melt!


Amanda aka Mommy Nannan Instagram page is sleek and bad (in a good way of course). A more mature mix of avant-garde and casual chic will have you wanting more. Let's not forget that her sons' pictures will melt even the coldest hearts, A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E.


What I can say about Aiko, is no wonder she's a model with a pretty face like this but, her charm doesn't stop there the L.A based beauty styles' feminine, colorful and let's say it sexy! Aiko Cunanan's Instagram feed is filled wih fabulouness from top to bottom. Check her out wearing KB necklace on her latest blog post.


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